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About IDA Design Group

As one of the longest standing and most experienced local architects, IDA design group is a unique business that is driven by the concept of scalability. We are selfdefined by our ability to create projects that span from high-rise, large scaled community projects to small scaled duplex and home projects for residential clients. At IDA, we understand the boundaries enough to break them, going over and beyond for our clients to create unique and bespoke solutions.

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Our Process

With decades of combined experience, our team of seasoned
specialists strive to deliver purpose driven results.


Collaborative Approach

At IDA, we pride ourself on collaboration. We understand that innovation is bred in
environments where people are allowed to be expressive and draw from the knowledge of others. We team up with industry leading
experts, from surveyors to engineers, encouraging input from our clients so that every
challenge can be overcome not just simply, but beautifully.

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Our reputation does not derive from a sense of
ego, but rather our dedication to innovation.
We are always open to critique, listening and
actioning on points of concern from the client
to the council, so that our results are a reflection
of our context. Our designs are based on our
client’s response to their environments - we are
just facilitators.

Open Forum

Extending on our relationship with clients and external parties, IDA encourages an open forum of ideas and conversation within our own
quarters. Our deeply rooted team environment discusses and shares ideas and is constantly growing and empowering each other to make bold and effective decisions. We build each
other up and are inspired by innovation and scalability.

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When it’s all said and done, our sense of validation comes in our project delivery. IDA is driven by results, dedicated and determined
to conceive projects that inspire and align with the collective objectives of our clients and our team. Our internal verification and review process helps IDA to always seek to exceed expectations.


Inspiration is the perfect ingredient for successful business culture. Our collaborative, open forum studio keeps the creative juices flowing, from concept to completion.

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